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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lok Sabha Election 2009 | Advani Challenges PM | Election News Updates


L.K. Advani is very sharp and intelligent Man, He is the Man which our country wants, we have want the Leader who can decision on own, not to depend upon the other to take the Decision, Mr.advani have all the LeaderShip Quality who lead from the Front.

The BJP's prime ministerial candidate termed Manmohan Singh as the weakest prime minister India has ever seen.

In Arunachal Pradesh seppa were Mr.Advani was adressing, Mr.Advani on Thursday challenged Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to a live television debate ahead of the Lok Sabha polls, like in the US, and also described Manmohan Singh as the weakest political head the country has ever seen.

Advani further added
"I have never seen a Prime Minister who has to take orders from the party high command to do anything for the country. Without Sonia Gandhi's approval, nothing moves in the government,"

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